2020 - ?: The Hero’s Journey is Upon Us

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2021

Reflecting on one year with this coronavirus in our midst, it seems we have embarked on a collective journey through fear and grief, cognitive dissonance and embracing paradox. Within this massive upheaval of society, we are all experiencing our own versions of the Hero’s Journey, characterized by three major stages: separation, initiation and return.

First comes separation. The hardships of isolation cause our gaze to turn inwards, which can be both triggering and healing, depending on the support we can bring to the process.

At times, this inward focus may unlock strength to heal old wounds. Other times, it can trigger uncertainty. Feeling fear, a common reaction is to look around at our broken world to see if someone else “has the answer.”

This might mean looking to government, doctors and politicians to supply that vision, if the leadership is right. Or we might find ourselves trapped by our search for an “authority salve.” In this trap, we risk...

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COVID-19 - The energetics of a pandemic

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2020

I’ve received many questions about covid-19, so I’m writing today to share some current thoughts and feelings about this situation so we can better support each other through this viral time. This post shares a perspective that is less than mainstream. These days (and everyday), Naturopathic Doctors need to maintain “scientific sanity” and sanity means different things to different people. I hope you find this useful, rational and also empowering.

Covid-19 is having a novel impact on humanity, and will likely continue to do so for months to come. Viruses in general tend to trigger our fears - fear of loss and fear of death being the big ones. Fear induces survival responses and panic when it is ungrounded. It’s natural and healthy to feel fear, and at the same time, it’s important to work with this fear in a conscious way so that it has a chance to transform into compassion and courage. As you know, a recognition and even acceptance of our...

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