Nature Code Kids Course

Healthy Kids Get Sick

Re-opening October 3rd

Help your child develop a strong and healthy immune system naturally.

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Previous Students

“As the mother of two beautiful boys, Nature Code Kids program has been an invaluable resource. Having this comprehensive information at my fingertips has really heightened my understanding of holistic health and kids health. When challenges do come up, it's helped me to facilitate their healing as efficiently as possible. Anything from bumps and bruises to fevers - just to help them thrive every day. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to any committed parent or caregiver. It is WELL worth it. ”

Leora JoyLeora Joy

“I loved it! I wish it was something I had back when I was pregnant. This program actually breaks down everything very simply. It's very easy to listen to. It's very easy to watch. It's very easy to absorb despite "Mom Brain". We have taken the Natural First Aid Kit on vacation and it has saved us from fevers, rashes, teething, and all kinds of fun kids stuff. I don't google nearly as much as I used to and am generally more relaxed about things. If I hadn't done this program I'm sure I would have spent hours and hours reading books that felt like they were in a different language. I couldn't recommend it enough to other parents.”

Meet Dr. Keith

Naturopathic Doctor

Since 2008, I’ve been practicing and learning within my local community, as a Naturopathic Doctor at The Awen Health Centre. My everyday purpose in is to leave people feeling balanced, powerful and trusting life. Our personal self-restorative force contributes to the healing power of the planet. Working together, these energies generate ripple effects. And it all starts by accepting a hard fact: the keys to lasting positive change lie within each one of us. Now is a great time to mobilize our collective healing power.
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