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What is the Nature Code Community?

The Nature Code Community is a place to nurture our connection with nature, spirit and our self-healing blueprint. It is a respectful online space celebrating the body’s wisdom and the careful use of nature’s time-honoured gifts. While the content spans the lifecycle, the first big course offering focuses on the beginning of life and childhood.


Child has a fever?

Download the free natural support chart so you can be prepared next time fever strikes.


 “Healthy Kids Get Sick”

Do you feel prepared to naturally support your family with confidence?


The Nature Code Kids Course has become a household go-to reference for parents who want to feel confident and prepared to support their family naturally.


Nature Code Kids

Online Course

November 2019  |  by Dr. Keith Condliffe Nd


Meet the Team


Dr. Keith Condliffe, ND

Dr. Keith is the founder, teacher, and visionary behind the Nature Code Community and has been practicing Naturopathic medicine since 2008.


Katie Buemann

Katie is the creative director behind the Nature Code Community, Dr. Keith’s right hand human, and firm believer in everything holistic.