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Help your child develop a strong and healthy immune system naturally.

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Re-Opening October 2020

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Healthy Kids Get Sick.

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50+ Video Lessons

Created and taught by Naturopathic Doctor Keith Condliffe.

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Natural Medicine Kit

A list of gentle natural remedies every family should have on hand.

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Natural First Aid Kit

The natural remedies to have at the ready for those more urgent moments.

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Live call with Dr. Keith for all registrants.

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Private Community

Join your fellow NCK students in a space of connection and support.

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Downloadable resources to have on hand for quick checks and reminders.

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Audio & Transcripts

Downloadable audio for every video lesson along with written transcripts.

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5 Modules and 50 Video Segments | Taught by Dr. Keith Condliffe

1. Health Map

The foundation for all that follows, Module 1 shines fresh light on the origins of health and disease, and the art of healing. It includes 11 video segments.

  1. Health and the Immune System

  2. Immune System Inheritance

  3. Pregnancy

  4. Birth

  5. Baby’s First Year

  6. 1-7 and Beyond

  7. Fantastic Flora

  8. Bad Bugs

  9. Toxicity

  10. Toxicity and Dysbiosis

  11. Cycle of Disease and Healing



2. Acute Illness Map

Module 2 invites us to deepen our awareness of one of the most misunderstood phenomena in human health - acute illness. It includes 7 video segments.

  1. Acute Illness

  2. Symptoms

  3. Fever

  4. When the Fever Breaks

  5. Fever Concerns and Acute Illness Warning Signs

  6. Fever Suppression and Overmedication

  7. Natural Fever Management



3. The Natural Medicine Kit

Module 3 is where the alchemy really begins. Here, you will learn about the natural medicines in the kit, where they come from and how they are used. It includes 11 video segments.

  1. Intro to Homeopathy

  2. Intro to Homeopathy Part 2

  3. The Core 6 Homeopathics

  4. Advanced Homeopathic Options in Acute Care

  5. Intro to Herbalism

  6. Healing Herbs and Nutrients

  7. Powerful Probiotics

  8. Echinasyr and Drosera Plex Cough Syrup

  9. Berberis Formula

  10. NAC and Andrographis

  11. First Aid Kit



4. Natural Medicine Case Studies

If Module 3 is the ingredients, Module 4 is all about making them work, using real life examples to light the way. It includes 13 video segments.

  1. Specific Case Examples

  2. Homeopathic Dosing - Part 1

  3. Homeopathic Dosing - Part 2

  4. The Core Homeopathic Combinations

  5. Simple Cases

  6. Complex Cases

  7. Strep Throat

  8. Respiratory System

  9. Urinary, Lymphatic, and Skin

  10. Febrile Seizure

  11. Nutritional Approaches for Diarrhea

  12. First Aid Case

  13. Cold Sores



5. Beyond Medicine

Module 5 is all about regular life, in between the fevers and acute illnesses. It inspires you to hone your health-creation strategies and highlights some common parenting and societal pitfalls along the way. It includes 7 video segments.

  1. Beyond Nutrition

  2. Food Sensitivities

  3. Food Introduction

  4. Home Remedies and Nature’s Cure

  5. Clean Living

  6. Stress and Parenting

  7. Nature Code Kids

What is it?

The Nature Code Kids program is designed to support and guide you in learning how to help your child develop a strong and healthy immune system.

In 5 modules, it will take you from a foundational understanding of health and illness, all the way through building and using a Natural Acute Care Kit for the whole family.

You will leave feeling well-equipped to support your child when they need it most, with a deep resource in your digital pocket, for when you need it most.

From nutrition to homeopathic and herbal medicine, the course focuses on building your awareness and confidence as you meet family health challenges. Increasing your health savvy improves health outcomes and supports your relationship with your primary care physician and health team.


For those stomach-dropping moments when your child gets sick.

Created and taught by Naturopathic Doctor Keith Condliffe and designed to help you support your child naturally, and give you peace of mind that you’re supporting deeper healing for now and in the future.

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Dr. Keith Condliffe, ND



I tell our boys, who are 4 and 6, that I’m learning to communicate with plants. Sharing my love of nature is my purpose. Witnessing others rediscover the faith to feel and heal gives meaning to my life.

My life path wasn’t always clear; for many years, I felt stuck in a swamp, physically and emotionally. Even though I loved nature growing up, I often felt allergic to and scared of the natural world. After many years of following a western medical path - my wonderful mother and sisters are all MDs - my deepening symptom picture led me to study naturopathic medicine. I slowly stopped trying to hide my suffering, and gradually surrendered to the hard work of healing. Sixteen years later, I feel tremendously alive and well, grateful for the long period of illness I experienced. My healing journey continues to expand my awareness to new frontiers in health and healing.

Raised in part by newly immigrating Canadians, my life has been split between Canada, the US and Japan. Thanks to the diversity of those who believed in me before I believed in myself, I now see my personal healing in the context of a much larger, global shift in awareness. I imagine as you read this, you too may sense the connections that exist between your health and our collective well-being.

With the darkness that lies in our own personal and collective histories, we all need love to traverse through the pain and remember who we are. In addition to the support we give each other, Nature herself supplies the truest expression of this love, selflessly offering the secret ingredients of healing and demonstrating what it means to live in harmony.

If you signed up for living into peace, we invite you to join us as we restore our trust in nature and her gifts.


Hear what students have to say about it.

"I couldn't recommend it enough to other parents."


“I loved it! I wish it was something I had back when I was pregnant. This program actually breaks down everything very simply. It's very easy to listen to. It's very easy to watch. It's very easy to absorb despite "Mom Brain". We have taken the Natural First Aid Kit on vacation and it has saved us from fevers, rashes, teething, and all kinds of fun kids stuff. I don't google nearly as much as I used to and am generally more relaxed about things. If I hadn't done this program I'm sure I would have spent hours and hours reading books that felt like they were in a different language. I couldn't recommend it enough to other parents.”


"It fills a void of information out there."



“The biggest thing [the Nature Code Kids Program] did for me, was allow me to see that I could trust her body to heal itself. Her body wanted to be well and it had the mechanisms within itself to heal. I found that extremely helpful and also reassuring. And I also really appreciated that I could learn ways to support her natural healing with very gentle homeopathic remedies. So gentle, and so powerful. And it was really eye-opening to me and also a big sigh of relief. So, I do recommend this course for Mothers before you have your babies and as your babies grow into children, it fills a void of information out there that is priceless in what it offers.”


"It is WELL worth it."



As the mother of two beautiful boys, Nature Code Kids program has been an invaluable resource. Having this comprehensive information at my fingertips has really heightened my understanding of holistic health and kids health. When challenges do come up, it's helped me to facilitate their healing as efficiently as possible. Anything from bumps and bruises to fevers - just to help the thrive every day. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to any committed parent or caregiver. It is WELL worth it.


Re-Opening October 2020


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Doors Re-Open October 2020

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